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phresh out the runway: fashion review of nFL cheerleading uniforms

The Season 3 Finale Phresh Out the Runway: Fashion Review of NFL Cheerleading Uniforms was so fun to record with our girls! There have been a few developments since we recorded the episode - the Seahawks Dancers and Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders revealed new uniforms on their Instagram accounts.

The Seahawks Dancers have quite a few looks for their newly formed coed hip hop dance team, including flannel shirts, glitter shorts for the ladies and tracksuits for the guys. We noticed that the leggings in the video for the ladies look more purple than Seahawks blue but we'll have to see what they look like in person. Because of the weather in Seattle, we'd be curious to see what other uniform combinations they have for the rain and cold weather games. The one thing that we definitely miss is the glamour of our old Sea Gals uniforms and worry that the new uniforms won't really stand out on the sidelines in the same way. The new uniforms look cool in pictures and videos but from the 300 level in the stadium it seems like it will blend in with everyone else who is positioned on the sidelines.

The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders also moved to a coed team this season and changed their uniforms to a very shiny navy blue material that looks like it could be rather uncomfortable to wear in the heat or with the sun beaming down on the uniforms. The ladies' uniforms are long sleeved crop tops with very modest coverage in the chest area, this separated pleats action going on with the skirts (that seem rather high waisted or ill fitting on the ladies) and cowboy boots. The guys are in a two piece uniform with a v-neck t-shirt and matching pants. The shiny material is what's really off-putting, especially on the guys, and it overall makes the uniforms look cheaply made. We definitely preferred the older uniforms and traditional Tennessee team colors - maybe the team is going through a similar rebranding?

Let us know what you think of these uniforms and how they would have ranked on your list of favorite team uniforms! In case you need to take a look at the deck again, click the link below!

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