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Pro Cheerleading Podcast: The Truth Behind the Poms is the only podcast that gives you a raw and unfiltered perspective of what it's really like to be a professional cheerleader.  Hosted by Mhkeeba Pate, a former attorney and NFL Cheerleader for five seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, this groundbreaking podcast finally gives pro cheerleaders a voice on issues facing the pro cheerleading community.  

Whether you're currently on a professional team, an alumni or really curious about the audition process to become a pro cheerleader, this podcast shares all the inside scoop and hot topics in the pro cheerleading industry with in depth interviews of dance team directors, choreographers, current and former pro cheerleaders.   

Every Wednesday, Mhkeeba reveals the untold truths from inside the cheerleader locker room and helps build a sense of community among professional cheerleaders from various sports teams, alumni and aspiring pro cheerleaders. 


The Host: mhkeeba pate

Mhkeeba Pate is the Founder and Host of the Pro Cheerleading Podcast: The Truth Behind the Poms.  She is a former NFL Cheerleader for the Seattle Seahawks and performed at over 50 home games and the Super Bowl XLVIII and XLIX appearances.  During her time with the Seahawks she also supported various community events throughout the Pacific Northwest. She graduated with a B.S. in Marketing from Georgetown University and a Juris Doctor and M.B.A. from Temple University.  She practiced law for over eight years specializing in commercial transactions, intellectual property, privacy, consumer protection, advertising and marketing law and now enjoys her career in contracts management.  She resides in Seattle, Washington with her family.

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